Friday, 3 July 2015


   Rhees had been nervous since Mr.Michaels helped her book this trip to the Caribbean, but as soon as she saw the sign - Paradise Divers - she felt butterflies in her stomach, or maybe something more like pterodactyls. She stopped for a second to remind herself of her goal, took a deep breath, and timidly turned the corner, thinking the dive shop would be right there.
  To her dismay, a long, narrow walkway loomed before her, a walkway over the water, the ocean. Only twenty-five feet left to go, but she was sure it was the hardest part of her journey. Secretly terrified of the ocean, she wanted to kick herself for getting into such a scary situation. She thought about turning right around and heading back home.
  The water sparkled on both sides of the narrow walkway, and she thought how embarrassing it would be if she fell in. She had no reason to believe she would - she wasn't clumsy by any means - but her imagination worked overtime to come up with random mishaps to worry about, as if she didn't worry enough already.
  The shop sat on a large deck on stilts, entirely over the water, a crude construction like almost every building she'd seen since getting of the plane. The platform stretched about fifteen yards wide and thirty yards long, the long building positioned in the center. The water lapped against the land only inches beneath the narrow boardwalk where she stood, while sloping deeper as the deck's length stretched farther out into the bay......

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