Friday, 4 September 2015


 I'm lying on white linen sheets panting and sweating in a motel room in Syosset. My breasts rise, and fall as I try to catch my breath. The strong smell of sex fills the room. The air conditioner blows on high, cooling my trembling, naked body. I stare at the mirror on the ceiling wondering how, in a matter of minutes, I've gone from complete bliss to sadness. When I have sex with Raheem, it takes me away from my chaotic life. He makes me feel sexy and unrestricted. I feel like a woman, but when it's over, I fall hard back to reality. Raheem is not my husband. I watch him get dressed and wonderer why I kept doing this to myself. "I gotta go. I'll text you something tomorrow," Raheem said.


He kissed me softly, and for a brief moment it felt real, but I know our relationship could never be anything more than this. This isn't love. What we have is purely lust. Our relationship is merely a quick fix to the problems in my marriage.

Raheem has a family too.........

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