Friday, 30 October 2015


  The Sound of metal pounding on stone was barely audible at first. When it grew so loud that I could actually feel vibrations within my body, I finnally stirred.

  Dame this bloody noise!

  As the incessant clamer echoed inside my head, the misty line separating reality from dream world blurred and began to dissipate. I saw myself at the bottom of a murky lake, inching ever so slowly toward the surface. Despite my state of semi-consciousness, I sensed the presence of others. I heard commands spoken with unchallenged authority, and obedient replies delivered in hushed tones.
  I became gradually aware of fingers and toes as I continued my slow watery ascent. A flurry of activity was happening close to the surface of my imaginery lake - like a swarm of angry insects hovering impatiently.
  Suddenly, there was a jarring thump. My body was jostled unceremoniously within my confined space.

  Stop, please!

  I heard whispers in  the wind, and then felt the thud of something incredibly heavy being set down on the ground. The back of my skull ached slightly from all the movement. The massive lid above me hissed open unexpectedly and a sudden rush of warm air caressed my face.

What was happening?

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