Friday, 11 December 2015


  Dense fog blanketed the canopy of autumn trees arrayed in a myriad of yellows, oranges and reds. In the distance, ghostly wails from a foghorn resounded throughout the valley. Its melancholy sound sliced through the evening air as its vibrations crept up the lighthouse spiral staircase. In the lantern room at the top, the Fresnel stood sentinel, rotating endlessly, casting its beam of light out into the water. Anchored in the bay below, lobster boats gently rocked back and forth in the surf while the ominous storm clouds encroach upon them.
  A large black crow landed on the shoulder of a marble statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary standing watch over the monastery lawn. Dangling from the sacred maternal hands, a long strand of rosary beads swung back and forth in the coming storm's breeze. Loud cawing emanated from the crow's black beak as the bird spread and flapped its wings vigorously. The feathered hunter took away to find a safe haven from the storm.
  Rumblings of thunder filled the air as streaks of lightning clashed with the ocean in the distance. Light winds began to swell and howl while rattling the beautifully arched monastery windows. Raindrops steadily tapped the colored panes of glass, echoing throughout the corridors as the storm began its decent upon the campus.
  Suddenly, the monastery door was thrust open by a nun frantically fleeing the building. Dressed in a dark burgundy habit, she ran down the front steps flailing her arms and screaming over her shoulder, "NO! Stay away from me!"
  Only seconds behind, a taller nun in a black habit clutched a short-handled battle axe with gloved hands while chasing the escaping sister.

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