Friday, 17 July 2015


 "So, what do you think?" Den Maron's eyebrows scrunched together as he arched his neck to examine the rock formation around him.
   "It's the only spot left, Den." Aurora Cassle stepped up next to him, her neck craning in the same direction as his. "The ground is too soft and wet in the south. The quality of rock in the west would make to difficult to excavate. And City Council decided they didn't want any residence units build behind the industrial section in the east. So that leaves only one spot, this one."
  Den sighed. "I know. I know." He walked away from her, farther into the center of the open space - virtually the only open, unoccupied space in the city. He stopped halfway between the back rock face and the entrance of the catacomb.
  "I still can't believe this area is unoccupied and that no one appears to know why," Den continued as he waved a hand at the spot before glancing again at the city layout map in the other hand.
  "Me neither." Aurora joined him and traced the outline of the arched ceiling on the map. "Perhaps it was just one of those things where people get used to it being there and don't question it, or perhaps it was the planners' way of accommodating more people when it because necessary." Aurora shrugged. "Still, after 400 annums you'd think someone would have suggested using it for expansion before now."
  With a rustling of paper, Den switched from the layout map to the building plan City Council had approved for the site. It was done in anticipation of this location being deemed suitable, so that construction could begin right away.
  "It's the same building plan as it was for the other site we considered, Den. Besides, Egerton's completely underground and built into the rock, there's not much room for variation."

Den glared at her. "I know that, Aurora."

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