Friday, 24 July 2015


The world of "trying to conceive" is a place that is both physically, mentally and emotionally all consuming. It's a place I didn't even know existed until two years ago and frankly one I was quite unprepared for.
  At the age of thirty-six, I had no idea of the impact of cycle times or when I actually ovulated, and then there were Basel temperatures, cervical mucus, days past ovulation, implantation and the hope of that elusive 'Big Fat Positive' result! Many couples at certain points in their life or at various ages make that important decision to start a family, and this then starts a cycle for some that results in a very quick positive result and a lovely bundle of joy! For others, it's a tough road filled with hope. heartbreak and turmoil, with numerous unsuccessful conception cycles and early pregnancy loss through miscarriage. So how do you really prepare for this?
  I'm not sure you can. Whilst I possibly didn't really understand the world of trying to conceive, you quickly learn as you enter it. I recall discussing with my husband how we would probably be pregnant within the first couple of months. We were so excited! We were very naive. Many people had warned me, saying I would have a challenge being 'over thirty-five years', but we were both fit and healthy with an active sex life, so why would we have any problems?

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