Friday, 14 August 2015


   The road is paved yet bumpy. The cab ride back to the airport is not quite as smooth as the ride through the streets of Cebu City, in the Philippines. Captain Arial Tumang is on his way back to the United States as he concludes his vacation break from his starship, the USS Colin Powell. Once he arrives, he will spend the last precious couple of days at home with his family, then board transport into space to the orbiting Space Command and Control Center (SCCC). His ship has been in the space dock for the last thirty days for repairs and new upgrades. From there, he will inspect his ship and crew, and prepare for another mission.
  He is a skilled, capable caption, strongly admired and revered by his crew. He takes a special interest in learning all their names and a little something extra about each one. As he and his wife drive to the airport, he sees the little airfield out the window where he learned to fly as a boy. He remembers that he was barely tall enough to reach the foot pedals. Flying that rickety little air-plane was the experience that hooked him into the world of aviation for life. He is very proud and grateful to his mom and dad for working so hard to provide his education and the special opportunities he had during his youth. It was the sacrifices they made that started him on his career path in aviation.
  Although very proud of his country and heritage, he does not make a big deal of being from the Philippines. In fact, he barely mentions it. His demeaner is that of a man who has mastered leadership with great confidence, poise and humility. He never though in a lifetime that he would be doing what he is doing right now. He has it all: a beautiful wife and family who love him and are very proud of him. He has earned the respect of his peers in the space community. Captain Tumang feels that he is blessed among men, and for all these things he is truly grateful.

Deep space looked ominous......

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