Friday, 13 November 2015


  The paranormal was nothing new to Pearl Blackthorn, but she was used to keeping it within the realm of fiction. Her latest assignment marked a transition; for the first time she had to face the possibility of the paranormal as part of her reality; she was not expecting to be convinced.
  Despite the fact that the weather had been dismal and cold for the last fifty miles, as she crossed the Britannia Bridge onto the Welsh Isle of Anglesey, Pearl felt a mixture of pleasure and nostalgia for the familiar surroundings. In spite of herself she felt excitement rising. Less than a month ago, she had finished the last installment of her current supernatural fiction serial for Darkside Magazine. Her editor - also her mentor and long-time friend - J.J. Benson, affectionately known as Benny, had sprung a new idea on her.

"How would you like to run a series of features on real paranormal events, places with a haunted history, unexplainable folklore and legend? And even actually go to these places and find out if there's really anything supernatural going on?"

Pearl's first reaction was to laugh.

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