Friday, 20 November 2015


  It all began with mud on my face!
  I'm not joking!

I had fallen head first into a big mud hole. I coughed and spluttered as clumps of mucky wet dirt filled my mouth. I think I might have even swallowed some! Yuck!
  It tasted awful. I looked up and tried to open my eyes and even more mud dripped down my face form my hair. It was cold and sticky. I couldn't see anything! The more I tried to wipe it away the worse it seemed to get, with mud on my hands just ending up all over my face. I even had mud up my nose! I shook my head hard, trying to flick some of the wet and sticky mud away. It didn't work. I felt angry, embarrassed, and upset. I wanted to cry!
  How could they? I didn't even know which brother it was but I knew it was either Ben or Donnie. My brothers were always pushing me around!
 I blinked wildly, desperate to see something, anything, through the brown muck that clung to my eyes! My eyes were stinging, but I finally started to get my sight back. I pulled up my shirt inside out. The mud was only on the outside and it worked to wipe my eyes clean. I could see again.

"Thanks guys; you'll pay!" I shouted, trying not to cry.

Nothing. There was no one around. I stood up quickly and looked around me, turning around in a full circle. Everyone had gone. 

They had left me.

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